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Per Amundsen, 05/28/2018 04:12 AM

Added in 3.1

/inlineimage [-asiN] [window] <file|url>

Inserts a inline image file or url into the specified window at position iN or at the end.

See also Inline Images.


-a - Insert into the active window.
-s - Insert into the associated server window.
-iN - Insert at the Nth line in the text buffer.


[window] - Window to insert into.
<file|url> - File path or url to insert.


; If a url or file is already cached, the cached image will be used instead.

; Inserts a image from a file into the text area. (the image is copied to the cache folder)
/inlineimage -a C:\Users\user\Pictures\image.jpg

; Inserts a image from a url into the text area. (the image is downloaded to the cache folder)
/inlineimage -a

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