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MTS Themes

"MTS" stands for mIRC Theme Standard, which defines a set of events and some variables to allow modifying colors and text formatting.

The spec can be read at

AdiIRC uses a mix of the spec and some of it's own events/variables.

Installing a MTS theme

MTS themes can be installed from the Theme Manager which can be opened by going to Menubar -> File -> Themes or by typing the /themes command.

How it works

AdiIRC will read the MTS theme file, then generate a script based on the format called "ThemeCache.ini" which will be visible in the Script Editor.

Changing a theme or applying a non MTS theme will overwrite or delete the "ThemeCache.ini" script.

Available Events in the engine

Event Description
Connect Allows adding text when a server is fully connected (Same as on CONNECT)
Disconnect Allows custom text when a server is disconnected (Same as on DISCONNECT)
Logon Allows adding text when a server is about to logon (Same as on LOGON)
ClientText Allows custom client text output. (Same as on CLIENTTEXT)
TextChan Standard text in a channel.
TextChanSelf Your text in a channel.
ActionChan Action performed in a channel.
ActionChanSelf You perform an action in a channel.
NoticeChan You receive a channel or op notice.
Notice You receive a private notice.
NoticeSelf You send a private notice.
NoticeSelfChan You send a channel or op notice.
TextQuery Private message in a query or chat window.
TextQuerySelf You send a message in a query or chat window.
ActionQuery Action performed in a query or chat window.
ActionQuerySelf You perform an action in a query or chat window.
TextMsg You receive a private message.
TextMsgSelf You send a private message.
Mode Channel mode change. %::modes has full mode string.
ModeUser You change usermodes. %::modes has full mode string.
Join Another user joins a channel.
JoinSelf You join a channel.
Part Another user parts a channel.
Kick Another user is kicked.
KickSelf You are kicked.
Quit A user quits IRC.
Topic Topic changed in a channel.
Nick Your or another user changes nickname.
NickSelf You changes nickname.
Invite You are invited to another channel.
ServerError The server reports an error.
Ctcp You receive a CTCP.
CtcpChan You receive a CTCP on a channel.
CtcpSelf You send a CTCP.
CtcpChanSelf You send a CTCP to a channel.
CtcpReply You receive a CTCP reply.
CtcpReplySelf You send a CTCP reply.
Wallop A wallop message.
NoticeServer A server notice.
RAW.N Any raw numeric event, e.g RAW.222

Bold events are AdiIRC specific.

Not available yet: UNotify, Notify, Rejoin.

Available options in the engine

Option Description
Name The name of the theme.
Author The name or nickname of the theme's author.
Email E-mail address of the author.
Website Website for the theme or author.
Description A brief description of the theme.
Version The version of the theme.
Colors Comma separated list of control code codes to apply to various events.
RGBColors These are the RGB values to use for all 16 control code colors in rrr,ggg,bbb format.
BaseColors This is four colors used in the theme itself. These will be used for %::c1 through %::c4 and <c1> through <c4>.
SchemeNAME Adds a new color scheme.
FontDefault Sets the default font for all windows, format is FontName,FontSize
Prefix This value is simply used for %::pre, so that a common prefix does not need to be rewritten on every event.
ParenText This special value is used to surround part, quit, and kick messages with parenthesis.
Timestamp Set to ON or OFF.
TimestampFormat Sets the timestamp format.
NickColumn Set to ON or OFF.
Script This item contains the filename of a mIRC script to load as part of the theme. This file should contain all aliases used in !Script lines.
Load Displayed (or run) when the theme is loaded. (after any script is loaded and any settings changed.)
Unload Displayed (or run) right before the theme is unloaded.

Bold options are AdiIRC specific.

Colors order: Background, Action text, CTCP text, Highlight text, Info text, Info2 text, Invite text, Join text, Kick text, Mode text, Nick text, Normal text, Notice text, Notify text, Other text, Own text, Part text, Quit text, Topic text, Wallops text, Whois text, Editbox, Editbox text, Listbox, Listbox text, Grayed text

Available variables in the engine

Variable Variable Description
<cmode> %::cmode
<modes> %::modes
<me> %::me
<nick> %::nick
<cnick> %::cnick
<text> %::text
<ctcp> %::ctcp
<chan> %::chan
<knick> %::knick
<newnick> %::newnick
<target> %::target
<parentext> %::parentext
<address> %::address
<value> %::value
<numeric> %::numeric
<isoper> %::isoper
<operline> %::operline
<idletime> %::idletime
<idle> %::idletime
<signontime> %::signontime
<wserver> %::wserver
<server> %::server
<serverinfo> %::serverinfo
<isregd> %::isregd
<isauthd> %::isauthd
<authnick> %::authnick
<timestamp> %::timestamp
<userident> %::userident
<userhost> %::userhost
<realname> %::realname
<bantime> %::bantime
<t> %:t
<c0> %::c0
<c1> %::c1
<c2> %::c2
<c3> %::c3
<c4> %::c4
<pre> %::pre

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