Themes Manager

Themes Manager allows installing/saving/using themes.

It can be opened by clicking Menubar -> File -> Themes or by typing the command /themes in the Editbox.

Note that AdiIRC supports two different types of themes, AdiIRC Themes and the more advanced mIRC Theme Standard (MTS).


The default AdiIRC theme/colors.


The current theme/color settings which can be exported as a new theme file.

AdiIRC Themes

List of installed AdiIRC themes.

MTS Themes

List of installed mIRC Theme Standard (MTS) themes, which are advanced themes for changing both colors and default text output.


Clicking a theme shows a preview of how it would look when applied.

Use theme

Changes the current theme to the currently selected theme by opening the Apply Theme Dialog.

Save as file

Saves the currently selected theme to a new theme file or location by opening the Save Theme Dialog.


Deletes the currently selected theme.

Install new

Opens a open file dialog to allow importing a AdiiRC theme or MTS theme into the AdiIRC theme folder.

Get more themes

Opens the themes forum in the browser.

Reload themes folder

Pressing the F5 key updates the Themes Manager with any changes in the Themes folder.

Opening the folder where the theme resides.

Right-click the theme and click Open Folder.

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