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Per Amundsen, 12/14/2019 09:38 AM

Added in 1.9.0

/menubar [on|off]

Enables or disables Menubar.

$menubar can be used to determine it's state.

If no parameter is defined, prints current Menubar visibility status.

When Menubar is disabled, it can be temporary enabled by pressing the ALT key, it can also be viewed by right-clicking the Titlebar in the main AdiIRC window.


[on] - Enables Menubar.
[off] - Disables Menubar.

Added in 1.9.7

/menubar [-adrishtiox] [N] <N|name> <@popup> [text]

Adds or removes custom menu items to the Menubar.

AdiIRC only


-a - Add a new menu.
-d - Delete item named <name> or the Nth item.
-r - Resets all menus to default.
-i - Insert a menu at position [N].
-s - Show a hidden menu.
-h - Hide a menu.
-t - Change the text of a menu.
-o - Change the @popup menu associated with the menu.
-x - Add a separator.


<N> - Position to insert or delete at when using -i/-d.
<N|name> - Name of a menu item to add/delete/modify or the Nth position to insert at when -i is used.
<@popup> - The @popup menu to associate with the menu.


; Setup a custom menu for the 'mymenu' menu.
menu @mymenu {
  Hello World:echo -ag Hello world
  Menu name:echo -ag Menu name is $menu

; Adda a new menu named 'mymenu' with the text 'Top Menu Test'.
/menubar -a mymenu @mymenu Top Menu Test

; Changes the text of the menu named 'mymenu' to 'Top Menu Test2'.
/menubar -t mymenu Top Menu Test2

; Delete the menu named 'mymenu'.
/menubar -d mymenu

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