Added in 1.9.0

on <level>:SIGNAL:<name/matchtext>:<commands>

Triggers if a script has used the /signal command to send a signal to all scripts.

See also /signal, $signal.


<level> - The User Access Level for the event to trigger.
<name/matchtext> - The signal name/matchtext to listen to.
<commands> - The commands to be performed when the event listener's criteria is met.


; Listen to the signal name 'test'.
on *:SGNAL:test:echo -ag Signal $signal was called with parameters $1-

; Call the signal 'test' with the text 'Hello world'
/signal test Hello world

Hardcoded Signals

Hardcoded signals useful for web clients.

adiirc_to_web_menu - text,clickid,menustype\r\n

adiirc_to_web_scriptschanged - null

adiirc_to_web_addwindow - cid #channel/@name/nick/Status Window
adiirc_to_web_removewindow - cid #channel/@name/nick/Status Window

adiirc_to_web_updatewindow - cid #channel/@name/nick/Status Window

adiirc_to_web_titlechanged - cid #channel/@name/nick/Status Window

adiirc_to_web_textadded - cid #channel/@name/nick/Status Window

adiirc_to_web_addtool - cid name (cid can be -1)
adiirc_to_web_removetool - cid name (cid can be -1)

adiirc_to_web_picwinpaint - @name

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