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Per Amundsen, 09/19/2016 07:42 PM

Quick Connect Dialog

The quick connect dialog lets you quickly join a IRC network and a channel, it is shown when AdiIRC starts or by typing /quickconnect.

The dialog has a minimal amount of options, if more options is needed, use the Serverlist.

These options can also be changed in Options -> Quick Connect.


Then nick you want to others to see you as.


An alternative nick in case the primary nick is in use.


Username to use when logging on to a IRC network, if Identd is disabled, this will also be your Identd username.

Username is also used to log on to IRC bouncers or through SASL/nickserv.

Normally this can be set to the same as your Nick, can also be set to blank.


The fullname to display when another user looks you up with /whois.

Can be left blank.


The hostname of the server you want to connect to.


The port of the server you want to connect to. (+port can be used to connect to SSL/TLS servers, *port can be used to connect using STARTTLS)

Autojoin Channels

List of channels to join separated with comma. (Channel passwords can be entered with a space, #chan1, #chan2 password,#chan3 etc)

Don't show this box again

If enabled, quick connect will not be shown when AdiIRC starts.

Advanced ServerList

Opens the Serverlist.

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