Quits Editor

The quits editor allows adding or editing or viewing custom/random quit messages.

it can be opened by clicking Menubar -> Tools -> Edit Quits or by typing /edit -q.

The editor shares characteristics with all the other editors.

See also /slap, Editor Options.

Quits format

Identifiers in the message is evaluated.

Saving quits to a different file

To save the current quits file to a different file, click the Menubar (inside the editor) -> File -> Save As menu item.

Loading quits from a different file

To load quits from a different file, click the Menubar (inside the editor) -> File -> Load menu item.

Search/replace text

Clicking the Menubar (inside the editor) -> Edit -> Find or pressing the CTRL + F shortcut opens the search and replace panel.

You can search or search and replace using a Regular Expression by checking the Regex checkbox.

Pressing the ESCAPE key closes the search panel.


The font of the editor can be changed by clicking the Menubar (inside the editor) -> File -> Change Font menu item.

Note: only truetype fonts can be used.


The editor colors can be changed in Options -> Colors.

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