Serverlist Misc

The misc tab has some additional options.

Try to regain nick

Default - Uses the Options -> Server regain nick setting.
On - Tries to regain nick if the main nick name is in use.
Off - Disables regain nick on this network,

Track users away status

Default - Uses the Options -> Server track users away setting.
On - Enables tracks users away status on this network.
Off - Disables track users away status on this network.

User mode

Asks the servers to set the specified user modes on connect.

Default ban type

If set, commands such as /ban will use this format as the default ban type on this network.

Use global quit message

If enabled, uses global quit message settings including random quit message, otherwise uses the message entered in Quit message

Quit message

The custom quit message to use on this network if Use global quit message is disabled.

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