Serverlist SSL

In the SSL tab you can change various options related to connecting to networks using SSL/TLS

Client certificate

Set the client SSL certificate to use on this network if Use global client certificate is unchecked.

Use global client certificate

Enable/disable using the global client certificate set in Options -> Server Options.

Accept invalid SSL certificate

If enabled accepts self-signed SSL certificates or certificates with invalid host names.

SSL protocol

Auto - Automatically negotiate the best protocol. (Should always be set to Auto)
SSL2 - Force using only the SSL2 protocol.
SSL3 - Force using only the SSL3 protocol.
TLS1.0- Force using only the TLS1.0 protocol.
TLS1.1- Force using only the TLS1.1 protocol.
TLS1.2- Force using only the TLS1.2 protocol.
TLS1.3- Force using only the TLS1.3 protocol.

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