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Per Amundsen, 09/27/2014 09:07 PM

Added in 1.5

/slap <nick nick2 nick3..> [N]

Shows an slap emote on a nick.

Default slap is "Nick slaps <nick> with a broken c64 manual"

You can create your own slaps and use random slaps in Tools -> Edit Slaps or manually update slaps.txt in the config folder.


<nick> - The nick to slap into oblivion!
[N] - Use specific line number in the slaps.txt file as the slap.


;Use default or random slap.
/slap Nick

;Use default or random slap on multiple nicks.
/slap Nick Nick2 Nick3 Nick4

;Use slap in line number 11 of slaps.txt as the slap.
/slap Nick 11

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