Added in 1.8.10

/sockopen [-dentI46Cuswap] [bindip] <name> <address/hostname> <port> [certificate]

Opens a socket connection to the specified ipaddress/hostname and port.


-d - The specified IP address is the bind ip address.
-e - Creates an SSL connection.
-n - Disables the Nagle algorithm.
-t - TODO
-I - Accept invalid remote SSL/TLS certificates. (AdiIRC only, deprecated)
-4 - Connect to Ipv4 addresses.
-6 - Connect to Ipv6 addresses.
-C - Indicates that client [certificate] is specified. (AdiIRC only)
-u - Enables dual stack sockets.
-s = Skip invalid remote SSL/TLS certificates certificates.
-w = Display warning dialog for invalid remote SSL/TLS certificates.
-a = Accept invalid remote SSL/TLS certificates.
-p = Prevent remote SSL/TLS certificate caching.


[bindip] - Bind ip to be used.
<name> - Socket connection name.
<address/hostname> - Remote ip address or hostname to connect to.
<port> - Remote port to connect to.
[certificate] - the SSL certificate pfx file to use with -C, if not specified, the global client certificate is used. (AdiIRC only)


alias example {
  ; Initiate a connection with "" on port 6669, Secured connection.
  /sockopen -e IRC +6697

on *:sockopen:IRC:{
  ; Send our USER and NICK irc commands.
  /sockwrite -n IRC USER Tester $+ $rand(1,100) Test Test:mSL Testing $+ $crlf
  /sockwrite -n IRC NICK Tester $+ $rand(1,100) $crlf

; Show all receiving data in a window.
on *:sockread:IRC:{
  /window -de @IRC
  /var %x
  /sockread %x
  /aline -p @IRC $iif(%x,$v1,-)

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