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Per Amundsen, 02/10/2016 01:33 PM

Added in 2.3

/sockudp [-bntkd] [bindip] <name> [port] <ipaddress> <port> [numbytes] [text|%var|&binvar]

Opens a UDP connection to a remote ipaddress/port and sends a UDP packet.


-b - Indicates that you are specifying the numbytes value which is the number of bytes you want sent.
-n - Appends a $crlf to the line being sent if it is not a &binvar and if it does not already have a $crlf.
-t - Forces AdiIRC to send anything beginning with a & as normal text instead of interpreting it as a binary variable.
-k - Forces the socket to stay open, so it can receive UDP data.
-d - The specified IP address is the bind ip address.


[bindip] - Bind ip to be used.
<name> - Socket connection name.
[port] - Bind port to be used.
<ipaddress> - Remote ipaddress to connect to.
<port> - Remote port to connect to.
[numbytes] - Number of bytes to send. (used with -b)
[text|%var|&binvar - Text, %variable or &binvar to send.

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