Added in 1.9.1

/topicbox [-dhostabNeNfNpvck] [window] [text|color]

Sets Topicbox visibility or visibility style and/or fills the Topicbox of the current or specified window with the specified text.


-d - Use default visibility option.
-h - Show Topicbox as one line, expandable on click.
-o - Hide Topicbox
-s - Set current Topicbox option as default for all Topicboxes.
-t - Show Topicbox multiline sticky.
-a - Use the Topicbox from the current active window.
-bN - Set selection start to position N.
-eN - Set selection end to position N.
-fN - If N = 1/[$null] sets focus to the Topicbox and makes sure the window is not minimized and active.
-p - Append a white-space after the text.
-v - Prevents the Topicbox contents from being changed.
-c - Sets the Topicbox text color.
-k - Sets the Topicbox background color.


[window] - Window to change the Topicbox.
[text|color] - Text to set or color to set with -c and -k switches.


; Show Topicbox as one line on #channel.
/topicbox -h #channel

; Hide Topicbox on #channel.
/topicbox -o #channel

; Set the Topicbox text for #channel.
/topicbox #channel Test Topic

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