Added in 1.8.8

/var [-gnspB] <%var> [[= ]value]

Sets the value of local variable %var to the specified value.

Syntax can be either var %var = value or var %var value.

Multiple variables can be set in one line using comma as separator, var %var1 = value, %var2 = value2.

See also /set, /unset, /inc, /dec, $var.


Switch Description
-s Display variable assignment value.
-g Creates a global variable instead.
-n Treat the value as plain text, even if arithmetic operators are used.
-i Initializes a variable only if it does not already exist as a local or global variable.
-p Permits value to be 2 literal double quotes and permits value to end with a single $chr(32) space. Also enables -n switch behavior.
-B Performs a $calcint calculation instead of regular $calc when arithmetic operators are used. (AdiIRC only)


Parameter Description
<%var> The variable to set.
[ [= ]value ] Value to set the variable to. (can be a single arithmetic expression)


alias factorial {
  var %result = 1, %x = $1
  while (%x) {
    var %result = %result * $v1
    dec %x
  return %result

;Returns 3628800
//echo -ag $factorial(10)

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