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To connect to a ZNC server through AdiIRC is very easy. Follow the examples bellow:

Adding a ZNC Server by using the Server Manager

To open the Server Manager press ctrl + s or go to Menu Server -> Server List.

AdiIRC Blank Server List

This is what you should see if you haven't added any in.

Adding a Network

Once you have the server list up, you're going to click 'Add new network'

AdiIRC Add Network Button

You should then have a dialog box come up that looks like

AdiIRC Blank Network Dialog

Type the network name that you are connecting to, or any name is fine, just as long as you remember it.

Blank Network with Defaults Removed

In this dialog you have the usual IRC settings, and you may fill them as you like, but the ones that must be valid are Password and Username on the left side. Now, before you go saving that and adding servers, you for to make sure you will be authenticating correctly. In the same window, you should see the drop down menu labeled login method.

Menu showing Selection of /PASS command

From this dialog you will need to select 'Server Password (/PASS password)' as shown.

Server Tab

From here you need to click 'Add' on the right.

Server Tab Dialog

Once done, you should see a dialog looking like the one above. For this, you'd input a 'HostName', 'Ports', and check 'Enable SSL'.
After that, you're done with that window.

And with that, you should be able to use the 'Connect' Button and be able to connect to your BNC/ZNC Account

Connecting by direct command

Check the /server wiki for a complete overview of command parameters. Two quick example:

  1. Non SSL:
    /server -m -p login:password
  2. SSL:
    /server -m -p login:password

To connect using SSL, add + to port prefix or use the parameter -ssl.

Ps: for no specified parameters like nick (-i), username (-u), realname (-r), etc, AdiIRC will use the default values set in /quickconnect.

Connecting by script

on *:start: {
  server -p login:password

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