Added in 1.9.0

/bcopy [-zc] <&binvar> <N> <&binvar> <S> <M>

Copies <M> bytes from position <S> in the second &binvar to the first &binvar at position <N>.
This can also be used to copy overlapping parts of a &binvar to itself.


Switch Description
-z The bytes in the second &binvar that is copied are zero-filled after the copy.
-c The first &binvar is chopped to <N> + <M>.


Parameter Description
<&binvar> Target &binvar to copy to.
<N> Target position in the first &binvar to copy to. (If N = -1, bytes are appended to the destination &binvar)
<&binvar> Source &binvar to copy from.
<S> Source position to copy from.
<M> Number of bytes to copy.


alias /example {
  ;Create a binary variable and assign it some text
  bset -t &example 1 This is a test!

  ;Copy from 'example' from the 11th byte 10 bytes onward
  ;Zero-fill the part that was copied
  bcopy -z &example2 1 &example 11 10

  ;Print out &example's content (up to the first null)
  echo -a $bvar(&example, 1-).text

  ;Print out &example2's content
  echo -a $bvar(&example2, 1-).text 

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