Added in 1.9.4

/colour <name> <N|RGB>
/colour <N> <RGB>
/colour -lrs [N/scheme name]

Allows you to change the color settings for items in the Colors dialog.

See also $color, $ocolor, Extra Colors, Config File Colors.


Switch Description
-b Indicates the <N> after <name> is a rgb value. (AdiIRC only)
-l Reloads colors from the config file.
-r Resets the color to default value.


Parameter Description
<N> The Nth color to change, in AdiIRC this can be from 1 to 82.
<RGB> New RGB values to be used.
<name> Name or the color to change.
[Scheme name] TODO


; Print a text using color 3
/echo 3 -ag Hello world

; Change color 3 to $rgb value 1905919 (notice the 'Hello world' color)
//colour 3 $rgb(255, 20, 29)

; Reset color 3 to default value (notice the 'Hello world' color)
/colour -r 3

; Change the join color to another color index.
/colour join 3

; Change the join color to a rgb value.
//colour join $rgb(255, 20, 29)

; Reset join color
/colour -r join

; /colour can also be used to change other colors in the config file
; Change the part color to red
; Notice it uses 43 instead of 44, it does +1 internally to work with 0-16 mirc colors.
/colour -b 43 $rgb(255,0,0)
//echo -ag part color is $ocolor(44)

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