Added in 1.9.1

/dline [-hlSW] <@name> <N[-N2]>

Deletes the Nth line through N2th line in a custom window.


Switch Description
-h Highlights the window's node in the treebar if the window is not active.
-l Specify the action to take place on the side-listbox.
-S Use status window. (AdiIRC only)
-W Allow using a channel or query window name for @name. (AdiIRC only)


Parameter Description
<@name> Name of the custom window.
<N[ N2]> - The range to be deleted, (negative values are not accepted)


alias example {
  ;Open a custom window.
  /window -de @Foo

  ;Add a line, line colored in yellow. (8)
  /aline 8 @Foo Line A

  ;Add a line, color Dark Green. (3)
  /aline 3 @Foo Line B

  ;Add a line, color Dark Green. (3)
  /aline -s 3 @Foo Line C

  ;Add a line, color Dark Green. (3)
  /aline -s 3 @Foo Line D

  ;Delete line 2 and 3 with range 2-3, only A D remain.
  /dline @Foo 2-3

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