Added in 1.9.0

/drawfill [-ihnrs] <@window> <color> <color> <x y> [filename] [<x y>...]

Fills an area with the specified color starting at the specified co-ordinates.


Switch Description
-i Draws in inverse mode.
-h Highlights the windows icon if it is minimized.
-n Prevents the display from being updated immediately.
-r Indicates that the color is in RGB format. You can use $rgb(N,N,N) to create an RGB value.
-s Indicates that the second color parameter is the color that should be filled (surface fill). If no -s is specified, the second color is the border color at which filling should stop (border fill).


Parameter Description
<@window> Name of the picture window to draw.
<color> The color used for the fill.
<color> The color used to know how to fill (if -s, it fills as long as the color of the pixels around is the same color as the one you provide here, otherwise, it fills as long as the color of pixel is not the color you provide here)
<x y> The coordinate where to fill.
[filename] TODO
[<x y>...] TODO

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