Added in 1.9.0

/drawrect -ihnrfecd <@window> <color> <size> <x y w h> [<x y w h>...]

Draws a rectangle at the specified co-ordinates of the specified width and height. If more co-ordinates are specified these are also drawn as separate rectangles.


Switch Description
-i Draws in inverse mode.
-h Highlights the windows icon if it is minimized.
-n Prevents the display from being updated immediately.
-r Indicates that the color is in RGB format. You can use $rgb(N,N,N) to create an RGB value.
-f Draws a filled rectangle.
-e Draws an ellipse instead of a rectangle.
-c Draws a focus rectangle.
-d Draws a rounded rectangle, using the format "/drawrect -d x y w h [w h]" where w and h are the width and height of the ellipse used to draw the corners.


Parameter Description
<@window> Name of the Picture Window to draw to.
<color> The color used for the rectangle.
<size> Thickness of the border in pixels.
<x y w h> Co-ordinates for a rectangle in pixels, x and y are the top left corner.
[<x y w h>...] Draw additional rectangles.

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