Added in 1.9.7

/guser [-a] <levels> <nick|address> [type] [info]

Same as /auser except looks up the address first using /userhost.

Adds the specified nick/address to the users list with the specified levels.

If the first level is not preceded by an equal sign then it is a general access level.


Switch Description
-a Adds the levels to the matching user, if no user is found, a new user is added.


Parameter Description
<levels> Access level(s) to add.
<nick|address> Nick or address to add.
[type] Lookup the address using this type of address.
[info] Optional information text.


; Adds a new user 'Nick' with access levels 1, 2 and 3.
/guser 1,2,3 Nick

; Updates access levels for 'Nick' with 4 and 5.
/guser -a 4,5 Nick

; Updates access levels for 'Nick' with 7 and 7.
; By using = in front of the first access level, the default access level for this user is not modified.
/guser -a =6,7 Nick

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