Added in 1.9.0

/hdec [-bcmsuNzB] <name> <item> [num | &binvar]

Decreases the value of the item by 'num'.


Switch Description
-b Indicates &binvar is set.
-c Chop the &binvar to first null byte.
-m Creates the table if it does not exist.
-s Displays the result.
-uN Unset the the item after N seconds.
-z Decreases the item once per second until it reaches zero and then unsets it.
-B Performs a $calcint calculation instead of regular $calc when arithmetic operators are used. (AdiIRC only)


Parameter Description
<name> The hashtable where the item resides.
<item> The hashtable item to decrease.
[num | &binvar] The number or &binvar to decrease by.


alias countdown {
  ;Adds the item down with a value of 10 to the table count.
  hadd -m count down 10

  echo -a $hget(count,down) $+ !

  ;Checks if the value of down returns true.
  if ($hget(count,down) > 1) {
    ;decreases down by 1
    hdec count down
    ;echos the current count
    echo -a $hget(count,down) $+ !
    goto repeat
  ;If the previous if statement returns false it carries on with this.
  else echo -a 0, Hurray!
  hfree -s count

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