Added in 1.9.0

/hsave [-abBinsu] <name> <filename> [section]

Saves a hash table to a file.

See also /hload, /hmake, /hfree, /hadd, /hdel, $hget, $hfind.


Switch Description
-s Displays the result.
-b Saves binary files. $cr and $lf are preserved when saving as binary files. Ignored if -i switch used.
-B Uses a larger index than -b to allow longer binary data to be saved. This is not compatible with files created by the -b switch.
-i Treats the file as an ini file. You can specify an optional section name after the filename.
-n Load file as data only, with no items. When loading with -n each line of data is assigned an N item value, starting at N = 1.
-a Appends to an existing file instead of overwriting it.
-u Includes unset items.


Parameter Description
<name> The hash table to save.
<filename> The filename to save to.
[section] Section of ini tile to save to. (used witth -i)

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