Added in 2.4

/inick -rbfaniovpylNmNsNwCN [nick[!user@host|N]|on|off] [iconfile] [channels(s)] [network(s)] [modes] [levels]

Change the items in the nick icon list.


-r - Remove a item from the nick icon list.
-b - Set the Address Book flag.
-f - Forces the addition of a new entry instead of updating an existing one.
-a - Sets the Any Mode option.
-n - Sets the No Mode option.
-i - Sets the Ignore list option.
-o - Sets the auto-op flag.
-v - Sets the auto-voice flag.
-y - Sets the Notify list option.
-lN - Sets the idle time.
-mN - Sets the nick icon method, 1 = message, 2 = nicklist, 0 = both.
-sN - Sorts the item into the Nth position in the list.
-w - Sets the away option.
-C - indicate [channel(s)] is specified.
-N - indicate [networks(s)] is specified.


[nick[user@host]|N] - The nick/hostname to add/edit or the Nth item to remove.
[on|off] - Enables or disables nick icons.
[iconfile] - The icon file to use.
[channels(s)] - Used with -C.
[network(s)] - Used with -N.
[modes] - Channel modes to match.
[levels] - User levels to match.


; Disable nick icons.
/inick off

; Enable nick icons.
/inick on

; Add a nick icon for the nick 'Nick'.
/inick Nick "c:\Users\User\Pictures\icon1.ico" 

; Remove the nick icon for the nick 'Nick'.
/inick -r Nick

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