Added in 1.5

/mode <#channel|nickname> [ [+|-]modechars [parameters] ]

Use to control a channel or nick, there are many modes depending on server, some common channnel modes are:

Typing /mode #channel with no modechars(parameters shows the current channel modes.


Mode Description
+b <nick!ident@host> Ban a mask from the channel.
-b <nick!ident@host> Unban a mask from the channel.
+i Make channel invite only. (everyone needs to be invited through /invite to enter the channel)
-i Disable invite only.
+l <N> Set a user limit on the channel, when user count reaches N, no new users will be allowed.
-l Disable user limit.
+m Make channel moderated, only users with voice/channel operators can speak.
-m Disable channel moderation.
+n External messages from users not in the channel is not allowed.
-n External messages from users not in the channel is allowed.
+o <nick> Make a user channel operator.
-o <nick> Demote a channel operator.
+p Set channel as private.
-p Set channel as public.
+s Set channel as secret. (will no be shown in channel /list and so on)
-s Set channel as not secret.
+t Only channel operators can change topic.
-t Everyone can change topic.
+k <key> Set a secret key for the channel, only users who knows the key can enter.
-k Remove the secret key, everyone can enter.

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