Added in 1.9.7

/parseline -iotbqpnuN [text|&binvar]

Modifies the incoming/outgoing server line if used inside on PARSELINE event or to queue a new fake line.

This feature should only be used for testing or adding features not yet available in AdiIRC.

See also $parseline $parsetype $parseutf.


Switch Description
-i Specifies an incoming line.
-o Specifies an outgoing line.
-t Specifies text is defined.
-b Specifies &binvar is defined.
-q Add a new fake line to the end of the input/output queue
-p Used with -q to indicate that the new line should trigger the on PARSELINE event.
-n Adds a $crlf to the end of the line if it does not have one.
-uN Enable/Disable utf8 encoding/decoding of the line. N = 1 = enable, 0 = disable. (Currently only works with -b)


Parameter Description
text|&binvar Text or &binvar.


; Low level text replace.
on *:PARSELINE:in:*word*:{ var %rep = $gettok($parseline,1-3,32) $replacex($gettok($parseline,4-,32), word, newword | parseline -it %rep }

; Halt a parseline event by setting the text to nothing/$null.
on *:PARSELINE:in:*word*:parseline -it

; Perform a fake channel message.
//parseline -itq : $+ $ial($me) PRIVMSG $active :Hello world

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