Added in 3.3

/sendkeys [-pw] <keys|text>

Send keys or plain text to the active window. (In a script, you can use $appactive to ensure the keys are sent to this AdiIRC instead of another App.)

Check here to see the syntax for sending keys.


Switch Description
-p Send plain text instead of keys.
-w Wait for the keys to be processed. (does not work with -p)


Parameter Description
<keys<redpre#0>text> Key combination or plain text to send.


; Send CTRL + t keys to the active window.
/sendkeys ^t

; Send emoji to the active window.
//sendkeys -p $chr(55357) $+ $chr(56832)

; Toggle caps lock.
/sendkeys {CAPSLOCK}

; open the Ctrl+K colors dialog (note that it's important to use lowercase k)
/sendkeys ^k
; open the Ctrl+Shift+K colors dialog
/sendkeys ^K
/sendkeys ^+k

; open the options dialog. Note that upper-case 'O' doesn't work because that makes sendkeys use ctrl+shift+O instead of Ctrl+O
/sendkeys %o
; note that in a script this will try to send the contents of the %o variable, so in a script use $+(%,o) or % $+ o

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