Added in 1.9.0

/socklisten [-dpuE] [bindip] <name> [port] [certificate]

Listens on the specified port for connections to that port. If a port is not specified, the port is selected randomly from the range specified in Options -> DCC Options -> Port Range.


-d - Switch indicates that you specified an ip address as the bind address.
-p - Enables UPnP support for the listening socket, if that is available.
-u - Enables dual stack sockets.
-E - Creates a SSL listening socket. (AdiIRC only)


[bindip] - Ip address to bind to. (used with -d)
<name> - Name to give the listening connection.
[port] - Port to listen on.
[certificate] - the SSL certificate pfx file to use with -E, if not specified, the global client certificate is used. (AdiIRC only)

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