Added in 1.9.0

/write [-cidnaiNmN l<line> s<text> w<wildcard> r</regex/>] <filename> [text]

Writes lines to a text file.


Switch Description
-c Clears the entire file before writing to it.
-i Inserts the text at a given line instead of replacing it.
-d Deletes the given or last line.
-n Prevent adding $crlf at the end of the text.
-a Appends the text to an existing line.
-lN Line number for the line to write/modify/delete.
-sN Operates on a line that matches the scanned <text>.
-wN Operates on a line that matches the scanned <wildcard> pattern.
-r same as -w - but uses a regular expression match.
-mN changes how $crlf are written to the end of a file, where N = 0 is the default behavior, N = 1 adds $crlf to end of file if it is not already there before writing a line, and N = 2 never adds $crlf to end of file before writing a line.


Parameter Description
<line> The line number to find.
<text> The text to scan.
<wildcard> Wildcard pattern to match.
</regex/> Regular expression pattern to match.
<filename> The file name to manipulate.
[text] The text to be written to the file.


alias example {
  ; Create a file and add a few lines of text to it.
  /write Example.txt this is a cool line
  /write Example.txt hello there!
  /write Example.txt text files are cool

  ; Locate the line that starts with "hello" and insert the following text before it.
  /write -is"Hello" Example.txt This will become line 2!

  ; Delete line 1.
  /write -dl1 Example.txt

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