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04:40 PM AdiIRC Bug #4111 (Closed): Treebar scroll is in wrong location after closing a window (any treebar item)
If you have the treebar open with many channels/chats open like I do.. and then close either a channel or a chat(i.e....


06:20 PM AdiIRC Feature #3551 (Closed): Favorites/Bookmarks for Channels
Please create a way to manage channels as other IRC clients have.
I normally keep about 50 IRC channels organized ...
05:48 PM AdiIRC Feature #3550 (Rejected): AWAY: Add checkbox option to auto come BACK(all networks) when the mouse is moved
Currently, there is a bug in the 'Automatically set back when typing' feature. But if it was working, I would still ...
05:40 PM AdiIRC Feature #3549 (Assigned): AWAY: Add checkbox option for come BACK to 'All Networks'
Currently, when you setup auto AWAY and auto BACK, AWAY will make you go away on all networks. However, to come back...
05:32 PM AdiIRC Bug #3548 (Rejected): AWAY: Automatically set back when typing not working
Options->Away->Automatically set back when typing
When this is checked, you still have to type text into a channel...

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