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03:53 AM AdiIRC Bug #5479 (Closed): Crash with stack overflow when inline images enabled in a channel and topic has an image URL in it
Updated to 2022-01-23 beta, had an instant freeze on startup, and after some work to isolate, found it occurs when ch... Jonathan Kay


09:40 PM AdiIRC Bug #5218 (Closed): In C# API, when using random nick extended colors, User.RgbNickColor property is always empty string
(You can workaround this issue by using the evaluated color line below, reporting for completeness.)
When using Ni...
Jonathan Kay


09:26 PM AdiIRC Bug #4983 (Closed): Echoing link with colour and $+ identifier doesn't underline hyperlink or trigger inline images anymore
This is from a script of mine that broke in 3.8 2020/02/23.
If you do:...
Jonathan Kay


06:42 AM AdiIRC Bug #4711 (Closed): $nickicon,$nickcolor variables are not replaced properly in message prefixes
In the docs and the Variables link in the Messages Optio... Jonathan Kay


07:25 AM AdiIRC Bug #4623 (Assigned): Clicking image when window isn't in focus and single click enabled copies the image's link to the clipboard instead of opening the link
h1. Repro:
# Open AdiIRC
# Open Options
# In the Inline Images section, turn on "Use inline images"
# In the Li...
Jonathan Kay


09:48 PM AdiIRC Bug #4458 (Closed): Using window ids for @name with /window gives invalid parameters
Starting with Jan 22/2019 beta release, manipulating windows via /window and an @windowid outputs "/window: invalid p... Jonathan Kay


03:06 PM AdiIRC Bug #3693 (Invalid): Toolbar invalid image size with PNG images
I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug or by design, but I'm submitting it anyway ;)
I have a number of /toolbar c...
Jonathan Kay


04:14 AM AdiIRC Feature #3039 (Closed): Adding a timeout for logging into a server
I use Bitlbee and every so often my BitlBee instance will connect but never begin the logon process. AdiIRC knows it ... Jonathan Kay


09:32 AM AdiIRC Bug #2715 (Closed): After using the minimize all windows function, the MDI windows sometime fail to come into focus and weird behaviour
Note: I frequently use Window>Minimize/Hide All Windows and get this weird behaviour. After a lot of trial and error... Jonathan Kay


05:45 AM AdiIRC Bug #1933: url parser issues
Just to add on top of these examples already listed, I frequently see links (usually from bots) which include the gre... Jonathan Kay

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