Updating AdiIRC

Added by Q Steinberg over 3 years ago

So a new version of AdiIRC is available now.

Could you please explain how to update my old AdiIRC version without losing the old settings and scripts??

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RE: Updating AdiIRC - Added by Per Amundsen over 3 years ago

You should always have backups of your harddrives regardless.

You can update AdiIRC in Menubar -> Help -> Check for updates. Updating AdiIRC does not change settings or scripts, it just replaces AdiIRC.exe with a newer version.

RE: Updating AdiIRC - Added by Q Steinberg over 3 years ago

Updated successfully.

AdiIRC is such a brilliant program. I really regret all the years I spent using mirc

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How can I change the nicknames shape on chat - from bold to regular? (Nicknames only)

RE: Updating AdiIRC - Added by Paul Janson over 3 years ago

In options/messages, find the box near the top message-prefix "user". Where it has <$pnick> you can add a Ctrl+B character to the front/tail of that string. You can also use that to change the nick to looke like [nick] {nick} etc. Note that for visibility these choices aren't the best unless you include colors, because those are also valid characters for the nick themselves. You can even use Ctrl+K with number,number to force the nick to be in a specific color regardless of the current settings. To take out the bold, just remove the Ctrl+B characters that are already there by default.

Note that you can't see this if your channel font is already bold. My screen font is Consolas-bold, and in mIRC the Ctrl+B character toggles the display to be not-bold, but in AdiIRC it has no effect on that line.

Also, in mIRC when you change font, mIRC goes back and re-draws all the above lines using the new font, but AdiIRC doesn't bother with all that, and the effect will be on new lines.

RE: Updating AdiIRC - Added by Paul Janson over 3 years ago

Note that preserving your settings is separate from updating the client. You can save a copy of config.ini, and it will have the vast majority of your settings saved there, and the rest of them are in other .ini settings in the same folder with config.ini. i.e. menus.ini is where your alt+P items are saved, commands.ini is where alt+D aliases are. vars.ini is where your %global %variables are saved.

Your scripts are where-ever you placed the files. In the bottom of the Alt+R editor it shows you where they exist relative to config.ini's folder. If it doesn't show the path, it's in that folder. If it shows path\file, then it's a subfolder beneath. You can use $script(0) to find how many scripts are loaded, and $script(number) tells you the location of the Nth script. Same goes for $alias(0) giving info about your Alt+D files.

If you want to hot-swap a new config.ini in place, unlike with mIRC, you can copy the backup on top of config.ini then type without any parameters: /setoption

If you want to automate backup of config.ini, take a look at my backup script for mirc.ini
It works with adiirc as long as you don't try to alter it to locate the other settings files by looking for them in config.ini in the same locations where mirc.ini keeps them. This script keeps 7 backups named after the day of the week, so as long as you notice a problem in time, you have access to a backup which can hopefully revert the changes.

RE: Updating AdiIRC - Added by Q Steinberg about 3 years ago

I found a solution for the "nickname completer"

I have another question that has to do with AdiIRC.
I changed the message/nicklist font from Verdana to Fixedsys.

So my question is: While I'm typing a message, the letters appear in Verdana. Is there a way to change it to Fixedsys?

RE: Updating AdiIRC - Added by Per Amundsen about 3 years ago

The Editbox only supports truetype fonts, you can try this truetype version of fixedsys

RE: Updating AdiIRC - Added by Paul Janson about 3 years ago

Several years ago, Saturn has also compiled a fork of it, Fixedsys Excelsior NoLiga 3.01. Unfortunately I've yet to see a font which has legible symbols for the Ctrl+U underline and some of the other control codes for usage in the scripts editor.

RE: Updating AdiIRC - Added by Q Steinberg about 3 years ago

Many thanks