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Added by Mr. BS over 9 years ago

The issue #1819 introduced an interesting feature do AdiIRC, the parsed tooltip to nicklist. In other words, on mouse over a nick in nicklist, you can display anything available by scripting.

Here is a small example I've made to inspire you to make more cool things:


$+($nick(#,$1).cnick, $iif($1 isop # || $1 isvoice #, $chr(160)), $iif($1 isop #,$chr(55357) $+ $chr(56401)), $iif($1 isvoice #,$chr(55357) $+ $chr(56547)), $iif($ial($1).isaway || ($1 == $me && $away), $chr(160) $+ (away)), $iif($ial($1).addr,$crlf $+ $crlf $+ $v1), $crlf, $iif($1 != $me && $comchan($1,0) > 1,Common Channels: $regsubex($str(x,$comchan($1,0)),/./g,$comchan($nick,\n) $+ $chr(32)) $+ $crlf), $iif($sorttok($regsubex($str(x,$ialchan($address($1,2),#,0)),/./g,$iif($ialchan($address($nick,2),#,\n).nick != $nick,$v1 $chr(32))),32,a), Clones: $v1 $+ $crlf), $chr(9203) Idle $duration($nick($active,$1).idle), $iif($abook($1).note,$crlf $crlf $+ Note: $v1))


Nicklist Tooltip Nicklist Tooltip v2

How to use

The Tooltip config is available in Options -> Nicklist -> [✓] Show Tooltips and paste your code to Text field.

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RE: Nicklist tooltip - Added by Per Amundsen about 8 years ago

Maybe check $ial for hostname and only send WHO if user is not found.

RE: Nicklist tooltip - Added by Mr. BS about 8 years ago

Okay, updated the code. Do not need extra scripts anymore! Thanks to the cool $regsubex, now all stuff built in to same code. Also added away check (requires AdiIRC 2.4 or higher with Track Away Users feature enabled) and support for notes from Address Book.

Check new screenshot attached.

RE: Nicklist tooltip - Added by Mr. BS over 7 years ago

Code updated today.

Changed $1 to $nick in $regsubex subtext to be compatible with a recent change in how AdiIRC handle it.


RE: Nicklist tooltip - Added by Megan Woulffe about 5 years ago

This is great! Thanks for the code!