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Favorites/Bookmarks for Channels

Added by R S over 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Please create a way to manage channels as other IRC clients have.

I normally keep about 50 IRC channels organized in different folders that I can easily(one-click) join at any time. I don't go into all channels every day so auto joining them is not an option.

I do see that I can Right click on the 'Channel List' button in the menu bar, but that seems to have the following drawbacks:
1. It only shows channels defined for the current server
2. If a channel is set to auto join, it does not show up in this list so rejoining if it was closed is a pain

Overall, I'd like to see a 'Favorites' menu item at the top where:
- I'd be able to create my own folders in it
- Place channels of my choice into each folder (regardless of which network they are on)
- Be able to click on a channel name and have Adi log me into the appropriate server and join the channel accordingly

This way, I can easily get to whatever channels are important to me at any time.



Updated by Per Amundsen over 4 years ago

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I have this on TODO already and it will be added, but probably not any time soon.

For now you could create a simple Menubar script like this:

on *:START:{
  menubar -a fav @fav Favorites

menu @fav {
    .#chan1:join #chan1
    .#chan2:join #chan2
    .#chan3:join #chan3
    .#chan4:join #chan4
    .#chan1:join #chan1
    .#chan2:join #chan2
    .#chan3:join #chan3
    .#chan4:join #chan4

You can add as many channels and folders as you want, the changes to the "menu @fav" is updated in real time when saving the script.


Updated by Per Amundsen over 3 years ago

I have made a working favorite system in this test build, if possible I'd like to hear your opinion on how it should work.

in the Serverlist there are already sort of a favorite channels system, if the channel is not marked as Autojoin, they are available by right-clicking the channel icon in the Toolbar, not as great.

What would make most sense to you, having the favorite system use and modify the Serverlist channels directly (except for channels not associated with a network) or be it's own system and work along side the Serverlist as it's own thing. (The later is how it works in the test build).


Updated by Per Amundsen over 3 years ago

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