3.2 released

Added by Per Amundsen about 3 years ago

3.2 Released

Some new features:

Animated emoticons support.
Global channel favorite/bookmarks system.
Reverse color control support.
Nick icons in messages.
Improved scrollbar support for Monitor Panels (both horizontal and vertical).
Improved SSL/TLS validation.
Many new triggers/filters for Highlights/Ignore/Nick colors and Nick icons.
Options dialog now opens much faster.

There is a new plugin which converts regular emoji characters to colored emoji icons in the plugins forum

See the changelog for more information.

3.1 released

Added by Per Amundsen over 3 years ago

3.1 released

Some new features in this release:

Added option to download and show inline images/animated gifs in the text area
Added support for CHALLENGE AUTH login method (HMAC-SHA-256 and HMAC-SHA-1) (quakenet)
Added Auto op/Auto voice feature in address book
Added option to enable/disable Now talking and rejoining channel messages

Better screen reader support thanks to fastfinge, also check out their adispeak plugin which uses the new v2 plugin API to improve AdiIRC for users relying on screen readers.

Loading large znc buffers should be faster, if not check out the /fupdate command.

Unmaintained translations have been removed.

New themes from the forum added to the installer.

There is a experimental script which can convert hexchat thems to MTS themes in the scripting forum

See the changelog for more information.

3.0 released

Added by Per Amundsen almost 4 years ago

3.0 released

AdiIRC is now close to fully IRCv3 compliant.

The Monitor Panels can now be pinned to any side and auto-hide (previous pinned method is renamed to locked).

Some new Monitor panel column has been added, and all columns are now toggle-able.

The date/time format for monitor panel columns can now be customized.

Added support for (most) Extended mIRC Colors, see Extra Colors for more information.

Saving channels from quick connect is now fixed. (sorry about that)

The python scripting wrapper is now converted to AdiIRC v2 API and is now hosted on github.

See the changelog for more information.

2.9 released

Added by Per Amundsen about 4 years ago

2.9 released

Some notable new features in this release

Added completely new Plugin API with many new/better events, thanks to SReject, RandomReader and MoonWolf for helping making this API, see for more information.

There is a new channel for discussing the new plugin API and plugin script engines, at #adiirc-api on freenode.

Added a global search/find text window.
Added option to change almost all keyboard shortcuts and add new ones.
Added control codes/colors/font preview in Topicbox and Channel Editor.
Added Upnp support.

There are many bug fixes in this release, but I would like to mention that the window order bug is finally fixed.

See the changelog for more information.

2.8 released

Added by Per Amundsen over 4 years ago

This is mostly a bug fix release of many long standing bugs and missing scripting features.

A few new features in this release:

Added option to show/hide Treebar arrow icons
Added right-click menu to set animate trayicon per window
Added option to enable/disable animate show/hiding tips
Added option to match a highlight only on a specific channel
Added all monitor panel to current layout by default
Added/fixed many Plugin API's see plugin documentation for more information.

See the changelog for more information.

2.7 released

Added by Per Amundsen over 4 years ago

2.7 released

Some of the new features in this release:

New Treebar was added to Options/Serverlist/Theme manager and Script Editor
New Datagrid was added to Logs/Monitor Panels/Channel List
Channel list now supports control codes/colors and is much faster
Options/Theme Manager/Serverlist got some padding to make it easier to read
Options/Serverlist search box got an icon
Many new options to the new Treebar, such as showing a close icon, using a flat Treebar, highlight Treebar network tab when collapsed
Option to highlight all lines matching the hovering nick in the text buffer
Many quality of life fixes everywhere.

The stuck window bug should now finally be fixed.

See the changelog for more information.


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