Added in 2.7


Returns $true if Options -> Dcc -> Dcc Ignore Method is set to accept only/ignore only, otherwise $false.

See also /dcc.


Returns the Nth item in the Dcc ignore or accept list in Options -> Dcc -> Dcc Ignore.


Parameter Description
N If N = 0 returns number of items in the Dcc ignore/accept list, otherwise the Nth ignore/accept item.
filename If specified returns $true if the filetype is ignored using the current settings, otherwise $false.


; Print number of ignore/accept items.
//echo -ag Number of ignore/accept items is $dccignore(0)

; Print the first ignore/accept item.
//echo -ag The first ignore/accept item is $dccignore(1)

; Check if 'file.exe' is ignored or not.
//echo -ag file.exe $iif($dccignore(file.exe), is ignored, is not ignored)

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