Added in 1.9.0


In /sysinfo [N:] and /diskinfo [N:] will return the drive letter [N:] used as parameter.

If the [N;] parameter is not defined, $disk will return $null.

Added in 1.9.0


Returns information about the specified hard disk, where N = 0 for total available drives, and N > 0 to access each drive.

If no properties is defined, returns $true if hard disk exists, otherwise $false.

$disk with no parameters in /sysinfo [N:] and /diskinfo [N:] will return the drive letter [N:] used as parameter.


path|N - The hard disk letter (C:) or the Nth hard disk.


.type - Type of hard disk. (unknown, norootdirectory, removable, fixed, network, cdrom, ram)
.free - Number of free bytes available.
.label - Label of the hard disk.
.size - Total number of bytes.
.unc - The UNC path for a network drive. (\\x.x.x.x\dir)
.path - The hard drive letter/path (C:\)


; Print total number of hard drives.
echo -ag Total number of hard drives is $disk(0)

; Print some hard drive info of the first drive.
echo -ag The first hard drive is $bytes($disk(1).size).suf in size and have $bytes($disk(1).free).suf free space.

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