Added in 1.9.0


In /sysinfo [N:] and /diskinfo [N:] will return the drive letter [N:] used as parameter.

If the [N;] parameter is not defined, $disk will return $null.

Added in 1.9.0


Returns information about the specified hard disk, where N = 0 for total available drives, and N > 0 to access each drive.

If no properties is defined, returns $true if hard disk exists, otherwise $false.

$disk with no parameters in /sysinfo [N:] and /diskinfo [N:] will return the drive letter [N:] used as parameter.


Parameter Description
path|N The hard disk letter (C:) or the Nth hard disk.


Property Description
.type Type of hard disk. (unknown, norootdirectory, removable, fixed, network, cdrom, ram)
.free Number of free bytes available.
.label Label of the hard disk.
.size Total number of bytes.
.unc The UNC path for a network drive. (\\x.x.x.x\dir)
.path The hard drive letter/path (C:\)


; Print total number of hard drives.
echo -ag Total number of hard drives is $disk(0)

; Print some hard drive info of the first drive.
echo -ag The first hard drive is $bytes($disk(1).size).suf in size and have $bytes($disk(1).free).suf free space.

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