Added in 1.9.0


Returns $true if Internal Address List is enabled, otherwise $false.

Always returns $true in AdiIRC.

Added in 1.9.0


Returns the Nth address matching mask in the Internal Address List.


nick/mask - Nick or mask to lookup. (can be a wildcard)
[N] - If N = 0, number of lookup matches, otherwise the Nth match. (optional, default i 1)


.nick - The user nick.
.user - The user ident.
.host - The user hostname.
.addr - The user ident@hostname.
.mark - The user mark.
.name - The user realname/fullname.
.realname - The user realname/fullname. (AdiIRC only)
.account - The user account name. (IRCv3 feature)
.isaway - Returns $true if the user is away, otherwise $false. (AdiIRC only)
.away - Returns $true if the user is away, otherwise $false.


; Print the address 'ident!nick@hostname' for 'nick'.
//echo -ag $ial(nick)

; Print the number of matches for wildcard search 'nick*'.
//echo -ag $ial(nick*, 0)

; Print the realname for second match using wildcard search 'nick*'.
//echo -ag $ial(nick*, 2).realname

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