Added in 1.9.0

$line(@window|#channel|nick|Status Window,N,[T])

Returns the Nth line of text in the specified window.

Works on any window.


Parameter Description
@window|#channel|nick|Status Window The window to retrieve text from.
N If N = 0 number of lines, otherwise the Nth line.
[T] If T = 0 use display area (default) if T = 1, use side-listbox. (optional)


Property Description
.state Returns 1 if the line is selected in a side-listbox, otherwise 0.
.color Returns the line or nick color.
.rgbcolor For side-listbox returns the line color in $rgb format, otherwise returns the rgb line color if any (AdiIRC only)
.nickcolumn Gets the line with the nickcolumn character intact. (AdiIRC Only)


; Create a custom window.
/window @Example

; Add a few lines to the window.
/aline @Example Test1
/aline @Example Test2
/aline @Example Test3

; Print number of lines in the window.
//echo -ag $line(@Example, 0)

; Print the second line in the window.
//echo -ag $line(@Example, 2)

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