Added in 1.9.0


Returns a random number or letter between v1 and v2.

Same as $r.

See also $rands.


Parameter Description
v1 Start number or letter [0-9A-Za-z].
v2 End number or letter [0-9A-Za-z].

if v1 and v2 are both numeric, returns random number in that range
otherwise returns a character in the range of characters v1 and v2

valid number range -2^63 through 2^63-1


; Get a random number between 10 and 100.
//echo -ag $rand(10,100)

; Get a random number between -10 and +10.
//echo -ag $rand(10,-10)

; Get a random letter between g and y.
//echo -ag $rand(g,y)

; Get a random character between A and z. Since 'A' is codepoint 65 and 'z' is codepoint 122, this includes non-alphanumeric codepoints 91-96 [\]^_`
//echo -ag $rand(A,z)

To obtain only the 52 case-insensitive characters: //echo -a $iif($rand(0,1),$rand(A,Z),$rand(a,z))

Numeric includes numbers at the beginning of strings.
//echo -a $rand(1X,4X) is the same as $rand(1,4)

Only 1st character of non-numeric string is used.
//echo -a $rand(AB,CD) is in the range A through C

No 'good' random number generator creates equal outcome of all numbers in the range, but they should be fairly close to the average
//hfree -w test | hmake test | var %i 100000 | while (%i) { hinc test $rand(1,100)) | dec %i } | var %i 1 , %a | while (%i isnum 1-100) { var %a %a %i $+ = $+ $hget(test,%i) | inc %i } | echo -a %a

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