Added in 2.3


Returns the nickname and filename of the Nth dcc send connection.


N/nick - Nick or the Nth connection.
[N] - The Nth nick match.


.lra - TODO
.wid - TODO
-hwnd - TODO
.cid - Returns the connection id.
.path - Returns the file path.
.file - Returns the file name.
.size - Returns the file size in bytes.
.sent - Returns the number of bytes sent.
.pc - Returns the percent complete.
.secs - Returns number of seconds the transfer has been open.
.done - Returns $true if transfer was successful, otherwise $false.
.resume - Returns resume position if file was resumed.
.cps - Returns a estimate bytes per second.
.status - Returns "sent" and "failed" if a transfer has been sent successfully or failed.
.ip - Returns the local ip address.
.port - Returns the local port. (AdiIRC only)


; Print number of SEND transfers.
//echo -ag $send(0)

; Print filename for the first SEND transfer.
//echo -ag $send(1).file

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