Added in 3.6


Performs a GET/POST request to a http server and returns a unique id to identify the request.

When the request is finished, calls the specified alias with the id as a parameter.

Files downloaded with the 'f' parameter will use the folder matching the file extension from Dcc Get Folders or the default Dcc Get Folder.


Parameter Description
N If N = 0, returns the Nth running request, otherwise the Nth running request.
id Returns the running request matching the id.
url The url to perform the GET/POST request to.
Options Url get options.
target The target &binvar or filename to save the response.
alias The alias to perform when the request is completed.
headers &binvar containing addiotional headers separated by $crlf. (optional)
body &binvar containing POST data, used with the "p" switch. (optional)


Option Description
g Perform a GET request.
p Perform a POST request.
f Save the response to a file.
b Save the response to a &binvar.
r Resume a failed request/download.
c Cancel a running request.
k Disable url/header redirect.
i Ignore SSL/TLS certificate errors.


Property Description
.url Returns the url used.
.redirect Returns the value of the location header if available.
.method Returns the method used (GET/POST).
.type Returns the type of output, (binvar/file).
.target Returns the value of target (name of the binvar or filename).
.alias Returns the name of the alias used.
.id Returns the unique request id.
.state Returns the state (ok, connect, download, fail).
.size Returns the value of the Content-Lenght header.
.resume Returns the number of bytes to resume from a failed request/download.
.rcvd Returns the number of bytes received after the header, could be different from .size after a failed download.
.time Returns the time taken to complete the processing, in milliseconds.
.reply Returns the response headers.


; Perform a GET request to and put the result in '&target' binvar.
//noop $urlget(,gb,&target,callback)

; Or Perform a POST request to and put the result in '&target' binvar.
alias posttest {
  bset -t &header 1 Test: Header
  bset -t &body 1 foo1=bar1&foo2=bar2
  noop $urlget(,pb,&target,callback,&header,&body)

; When a request is finished, print the result.
alias callback {
  echo -ag Response: $bvar($urlget($1).target,1-).text

; List the number of running requests.
//echo -ag $urlget(0)

; List the first running request.
//echo -ag $urlget(1)

; Cancel the first running request.
//echo -ag $urlget(1, c)

; Download the latest AdiIRC beta.
; Notice the 'target' parameter is left blank so it will use the original filename from the server.
; Also notice the 'alias' parameter is set to /noop to ignore the callback.
//noop $urlget(,gf,,/noop)

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