Added in 1.5

/debug [-acdgNeinpstrNoNUN] [N] [on | off | @window | filename] [identifier]

Outputs raw server messages, both incoming and outgoing to a file or a custom window.

If a custom window is defined, and it doesn't exist, a window will be created.

If no filename or custom window is defined, default filename of "debug.log" will be used.

/debug works per server.


Switch Description
-c Closes the associated custom window. (used with off)
-dN Enable Editbox; 0 = single, 1 = multi, 2 = auto, 3 = default. (AdiIRC only)
-e Adds extended debug information. (AdiIRC only)
-i Calls the specified identifier before a debug line is logged. The return value of the identifier is used as the debug line.
-n Minimizes the custom window, if a new one is created.
-t Adds timestamp to the debug line.
-s Open a window for debugging scripts. (AdiIRC only)
-a Only show the result when debugging scripts. (AdiIRC only)
-g Ignore scripts running in timers when debugging scripts. (AdiIRC only)
-rN Uses the N color index as the line color for received debug lines.
-oN Uses the N color index as the line color for outbound debug lines.
-UN If N = 1, enables UTF8 encoding of the output, if N = 2, disables UTF8 encoding, otherwise uses the default. (AdiIRC only)


Parameter Description
[N] Line color to use in the custom window.
[on | off] Turns debugging on or off.
[@window | filename] Custom window or filename to log to.
[identifier] Identifier to parse a line, used with -i.


; Turns on debug to custom window named '@debug' and minimizes it.
/debug -n @debug

; Turns off debug and closes the custom window
/debug -c off

; Turns on debug to file named 'debug.log' and enables timestamp.
/debug -t debug.log

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