Added in 1.9.0

/dialog -abcdefghijklmnoprstuvx <name> [newname|table] [x y w h] [text|filename] [N]

Allows you to create a modeless dialog with the -m switch.

See also $dialog, on DIALOG, Dialog Items.


Switch Description
-a Used with -m, uses currently active window as the parent.
-b Interprets size as dbu.
-c Click cancel button.
-d Open dialog on the desktop, used with -m.
-e Restores the dialog if created on the desktop.
-f Hides the window borders. (AdiIRC only)
-g Renames existing dialog using <name> <newname>.
-h Make dialog work with active server connection. TODO
-i Minimize the dialog if created on the desktop.
-j Shows the window borders/allows resizing the dialog window. (AdiIRC only)
-k Click the "ok" button.
-m Create a modeless dialog using 'table'.
-n Unset ontop setting.
-o Set dialog ontop of all windows.
-p Interprets size as pixels.
-r Centers dialog.
-s Set dialog position/size.
-t Set dialog title to 'text'.
-u Set dialog icon to 'filename'. (AdiIRC only)
-v Makes the dialog the active window.
-x Close a dialog without triggering any events.


Parameter Description
<name> Name of the dialog to create.
[newname] Newname used with -g
[table] Name of the dialog table to use.
[x y w h] X/Y Position on the desktop and the Height/Width of the dialog.
[text|filename] Dialog title text or dialog icon filename.
[N] Icon index. (AdiIRC only, used with -u)


; Create a dialog table.
Dialog Example1 {
  title "This is Example 1" 
  size -1 -1 172 129
  option dbu
  tab "Tab A", 14, 2 0 165 123
  tab "Tab B", 15
  tab "Tab C", 16
  edit "", 17, 8 16 154 104, tab 16 multi return autohs vsbar
  menu "&File", 1
  item "&New", 6, 1
  item "&Open", 7, 1
  item break, 8, 1
  item "&Save", 9, 1
  item "Save &as", 10, 1
  menu "&Edit", 2
  item "&Copy", 11, 2
  item "P&aste", 12, 2
  menu "&view", 3
  item "&All", 13, 3
  menu "&Help", 4
  item "&About", 5, 4

; Create and show the dialog as modeless and on the desktop.
/dialog -md Example1 Example1

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