Added in 1.9.0

on <level>:DIALOG:<name>:<event>:<id>

Triggers when a dialog item state is changed, e.g clicking a button or types text in a Editbox.

See also $dname, $devent, $did, /dialog, $dialog, Dialog Items.


<level> - The User Access Level for the event to trigger.
<name> - The dialog name that this event triggers for; wildcards accepted.
<event> - The dialog event that this event triggers for; wildcards accepted.
<id> - The id name of the dialog item to listen for; wildcards accepted. Multiple IDs can be specified in the form: 1,2,3,4-8,9
<commands> - The commands to be performed when the event listener's criteria is met.


Event Description
active Triggers when the dialog is made active.
close Triggered when a dialog has been closed.
dclick Occurs when a double left-click has occurred in a list box or combo box, as well as on the dialog itself.
drop Triggers when an item has been dragged and dropped with the mouse.
edit When text in an Editbox or a combo box has changed.
init This event ID is 0, and triggers before a dialog is displayed. This allows initialization time for the dialog and its items.
menu Whenever a menu-item is selected.
mouse When the mouse is moved.
rclick Works when the mouse right-clicks.
sclick Occurs during a single-click in a list box/combo box, during check/uncheck of radio/check buttons, or during the click of a button.
scroll A scrollbar control position has changed.
uclick Left mouse button has been released/gone up.

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