Added in 1.9.0


Returns the id of the matched dialog id during a on DIALOG event.


on *:DIALOG:*:*:{
  echo -ag The matched dialog id is $did


Returns settings and values from a dialog item.

See also /dialog, on DIALOG, Dialog Items.


Parameter Description
[name] If specified, name of the dialog otherwise $dname from the current event is used. (optional)
id Id of the dialog item.
[N] If N = 0, get number of lines, otherwise the Nth line for a item with multiple lines. (optional)


Property Description
.text Returns line or Nth line.
.len Returns length of line or length of Nth line.
.lines Returns number of lines.
.sel If N = 0, returns number of lines otherwise the Nth selected line.
.seltext Returns selected text in an editbox or first selected item in a listbox.
.selstart Returns select start character in editbox line.
.selend Returns select end character in editbox line.
.edited Returns $true if text in editbox was changed, otherwise $false.
.state Returns 0 = off, 1 = on, and 2 = indeterminate.
.next Returns id of next control in tab key order.
.prev Returns id of previous control in tab key order.
.visible Returns $true if the control is visible, otherwise $false.
.enabled Returns $true if the control is enabled, otherwise $false.
.isid Returns $true if id exists in the dialog, otherwise $false.
.csel If N is 0, returns number of checked lines, otherwise line number of the Nth checked box in a listcb control.
.cstate Returns 0 = off, 1 = on for item in a listcb control (listbox created using the check parameter).
.type Returns the dialog item type. (AdiIRC only)

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