Emoticons Options

For colored emoji support, check this plugin.

Tip. Options -> Messages -> Pixel spacing makes lines bigger, emoticons will also resize to be bigger.

Use Emoticons

Enable or disable emoticons.

Enabling emoticons only works on new messages after emoticons is enabled.

All icons will be resized/scaled to fit inside the text line height, aspect ratio will be preserved.

Use animated gifs

Enable or disable animated gifs support.

When the support is disabled, all gifs will stop animating and show the first frame as a static image.

Case insensitive

If enabled, text and TEXT will both be replaced with the same icon, otherwise they could have different icons.

Only replace whole words

If enabled, emoticons inside links and words will not be replaced.

Stretch height to match line height

If enabled, emoticons will be stretched to match the real line height when Pixel Spacing is used.

Use regex to match a pattern

If enabled, allows using a custom Regular Expression to match the emoticons trigger.


The Regular Expression to use when Use regex to match a pattern is enabled.

<emote> in the regex will be replaced with the pattern (trigger|trigger|trigger).

Adding emoticons through scripting

Use /setoption Emoticons Emoticon_<matchtext> <filename>.

\ and = characters must be escaped with a \ character.

Disable emoticons for channel/private windows

Channels or users windows excluded from showing emoticons.

Per server settings can be added using network:#channel syntax.

Always use emoticons for channel/private windows

Always show emoticons for some channels/users windows.

Per server settings can be added using network:#channel syntax.

These windows ignores/overrides the "Use Emoticons" option.

Ignoring images from specific users

There is a Emoticons flag when adding a ignore in Options -> Ignore.

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