Added in 2.2

/iline [-ahilnpsbTNSW] [color] <@name> <N> <text>

Inserts <text> into the Nth line in a custom window named <@name>.


-a - Selects the newly added item while keeping the old selection in a listbox
-h - Highlights the window's node in the Treebar/Switchbar is the window is minimized
-iN - Indents the wrapped line by N characters.
-l - Specify the action to take place on the side-listbox
-n - Prevent the line from being added if it already exists
-p - TODO
-s - Clears the old selection in a listbox and selects the newly added item
-b - Indicates the [c] color is in $rgb format. (AdiIRC only)
-TN - Apply timestamp prefix options. N is a optional UTC value to use for the timestamp. (AdiIRC only)
-S - Use status window. (AdiIRC only)
-W - Allow using a channel or query window name for @name. (AdiIRC only)


[color] - Line color number.
<@name> - The custom window name.
<N> - The line number to insert the text at.
<text> - The text to add.


; Open a custom window.
/window -de @Example

; Add 3 blue colored lines.
/aline 12 @Example Line1
/aline 12 @Example Line2
/aline 12 @Example Line3

; Insert a red colored lines at line number 2
/iline 4 @Example 2 Line4

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