Added in 1.9.0

on <level>:OPEN:<?|=|!|*>:<matchtext>:<commands>
on <level>:OPEN:<?|=|!|*>:<commands>

For DCC Chat windows, the <matchtext> parameter is excluded, and it triggers only on successful connection.

Trigger for various events relating to the opening of a window of different types of windows.

Note: If you halt an on OPEN event triggered by an incoming private message, no on TEXT/on ACTION events is triggered

Note2: For private windows, on OPEN only triggers when opening a new private window from a incoming private message.

See also on CLOSE.

Haltable using ^


<level> - The User Access Level for the event to trigger.
<?|@|=|!|*> - The Matchtarget to listen to.
<matchtext> - The Matchtext to listen to.
<commands< - The commands to be performed when the event listener's criteria is met.


; Print a message when a query window is opened.
on *:OPEN:?:*:echo -ag Opened query window for $nick

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