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Per Amundsen, 07/08/2018 06:37 PM

Added in 3.2

/play [-aescpbnx q# m# f# rl# t#] [alias] [channel/nick/stop] <filename> [delay]

Allows "playing" a file to a channel or private window, line by line.

Empty lines are treated as a delay.

See also $play, $pnick.


-x - Treat the first line in the file as a regular text instead of line count if it is a number.
-a - Uses the [alias] parameter as the alias to be called instead of /msg or /notice.
-e - Echoes the line to channel/nick window as it would send them to the server (if the window does not exist, a line of the form /msg <window> <line> is displayed in the status window).
-s - Can be used offline, will interpret lines as actual command instead of plaintext and execute them in the status window.
-c - Forces AdiIRC to interpret lines as actual command instead of plaintext and execute them in the specified window.
-n - Uses []/notice]] instead of /msg.
-p - Indicates it is a priority request, the current play request is paused and will resume once this one is finished.
-b - Uses the clipboard instead of a file, the clipboard is temporarily saved to a file with a name of the form playqN.txt, which is deleted once playing is completed.
-r - Forces a single line to be chosen randomly and played.
-fN - Plays the whole file starting from the specified line.
-tTOPIC - Forces AdiIRC to look up the specified topic/section (INI structure) in the file and play all lines under that topic/section.
-lN - Forces the specified line number to be played.
-mN - TODO
-qN - TODO


[alias] - If you have specified -a, the alias that will be called instead of /msg or /notice.
[channel/nick/stop] - The window you want to play to, if required, or "stop" if you want to stop and clear the queue.
[filename] - The filename you want to play.
[delay] - You can specify a delay, in millisecond, between each line sent.


; Play the file 'file,txt' to the channel #chan.
/play #chan file.txt

; Play a random line from the file 'file,txt' to the channel #chan.
/play -r #chan file.txt

; Stops and clears all files in the queue.
/play stop

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